mr. doggle & miss. cuddlepillar

How to take part.

Massive well done for all of those who took park, the lucky winners ........

Miss. Cuddlepillar was won by @Paulabrooks8 and Mr. Doggle was won by @Evagreyhound.

Cracking job!

chopped for charity


What's it all about?

As you all know, we are not a trust that turns away from other charities.  We firmly believe that working together can only make us stronger.
One of our Trustees, Laura, is currently expecting her 1st baby.  She wanted to do something very different for Moose's Sighthound Trust, but as it stands she can't be jumping out of planes or doing a mass bungee jump.  So she has decided to do something that is absolutely beautiful.
She is raising awareness for Moose's Sighthound Trust and assisting another charity at the same time.
Laura will be having her hair cut off at MooseFest2019 and donating it to, The Little Princess Trust.


Well done Laura!

Well the girl did it, there was a moment where I though a tear was going to be shed but, the AMAZING Vicky from Hair By Victoria pulled off a corker.  Can not thank you enough, both of you.
The hair is now well on its way to The Little Princess Trust!

We are now able to take card payments at #moosefest2019